About the PRASC Lab

The Policy Research & Systems Change (PRASC) Lab is a team of multi-disciplinary research scientists, associates, and staff who address complex societal problems through data analysis, policy research, training/education, and systems change methodologies, including collective impact.
Housed at the Social Science Research Center (SSRC), PRASC projects mobilize the multifaceted resources of the SSRC to address issues of early childhood, structural inequities, the environment, public health, and education, among others.

Our Team

Assistant Research Professor

Project Coordinator

Assistant Professor and Research Fellow

Associate Director of SSRC Policy Studies and Evaluation and Research Group (ERG)

Project Manager

Assistant Research Professor

Administrative Assistant II

Heather Hanna Headshot

Assistant Research Professor and Director, Policy Research and Systems Change Lab

Research Associate I

Research Associate III

Headshot of Heather Martin

Project manager/ Statewide Mind in the Making and Vroom® Coordinator

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Research Associate II

headshot of Callie Poole

Project Manager

Ben Porter

Assistant Research Professor

Ben Walker

Project Manager

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